Our Approach

Using technology to take your business to the next level

WeDo Digital Solutions was founded to help businesses in the sports and entertainment sectors develop successful digital solutions powered by technology.

Our background and knowledge in these markets, makes us a strategic partner to our clients. We are deeply immersed in these sectors and understand the specific needs and challenges our clients face and how technology can help grow their business.

We have developed a flexible framework for rapid technology driven solutions for our clients, that are long-lasting and as your business grows, our technology can grow efficiently, flexibly and at scale.

Working with all types of clients, from those with extensive digital capabilities, to those with little or no technical capacity. Our work can range from short-term MVP development through to long-term multi-year partnerships. Whatever your situation, whatever your need, we'll help realise your vision.

Our process is underpinned by our technological expertise, but we follow the same methodology:

  • Planning

    Product ownership, Project management, lean product development

  • Design

    Product discovery
    UX / UI Design

  • Technology

    Web development, mobile development, platform development, DevOps, Legacy re-engineering