Our Services

Putting technology at the heart of your business

Cloud & Hosting

cloud & hosting

We develop and host dynamic cloud-based applications with the most advanced platforms such as AWS, Google and IBM.

Our scalable cloud-based solutions give our clients the ability to rapidly scale up performance and then scale it down, depending on business and customer need. This auto-scaling of resource can lead to significant cost savings.

By storing, saving and accessing your data in the cloud, our clients can save significantly on IT Hardware and traditional infrastructure, while cloud-based solutions are significantly more secure, protecting sensitive data and information.

Our advanced cloud computing platform makes the deployment of new apps and services significantly faster, making for lean software development, improved automation and eliminating manual updates, improving accessibility and continuity of service.

Design & UI/UX

cloud & hosting

We develop beautiful and intuitive customer-led experiences that help drive your business.

Improving the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) of a product increases customer satisfaction and product value. Our experience across web, mobile and desktop applications makes us uniquely placed to develop great solutions for your business.

We bring together an in-depth understanding of your needs, user research, design thinking and concepts / prototypes to help define, shape and realise your digital vision and ultimately improve the performance of your business.

Web & App Development

cloud & hosting

We use the latest web technologies and processes to build scalable, enterprise software solutions.

Our expertise covers everything from single-page applications which we would develop with ReactJS or Angular JS, to quick prototyping and mid-level web applications through to full enterprise software, we help businesses develop powerful, beautiful, strategic digital solutions.

Connecting your business to your customers where they want to use you is essential, that’s why we develop secure, efficient and powerful iOS and Android applications.

Our expertise spans multiple technologies and architectures across iPhone and iPad (using Objective C and Swift) through to Android (Java or Kotlin). We can also use React Native to develop multi-platform solutions faster where needed.

Software Solutions

cloud & hosting

We develop personalised software and digital experiences.

We can launch products and services quickly and efficiently across any platform with our robust and proven delivery and deployment methodologies.

Our enterprise experience means we don’t just build websites, we build complete business applications and workflow solutions both internal and external customers.

We can automate, streamline and develop reporting applications that help your business maximise their digital presence.

We build and support databases that power business to provide more value to their customers, develop insights and analysis to help you stay one step ahead.

Our experience with content is unrivalled. We have experience across multiple first and third-party content management systems from marketing sites, through to major publishing platforms and data products. We can empower your team to manage your site the way you want.